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. . every industrialized country has that system except the united states. we are going to change that. national polls show that the majority of doctors and the majority of americans favor a single payer system. that is why six months ago, we went to capitol hill. when senator baucus opened that first day of hearing in may, i stood up and said, excuse me, sir, why have you taken single payer off the table? why have you not allowed one doctor testify for single payer? baucus ordered us arrested. one by one, margaret, kevin, carol, and four others stood up and confronted baucus. and one by one we were all arrested and charged with disruption of congress. in a plea deal earlier this year, we agreed not to disrupt congress throughout the end of this year. since that day in may, baucus and harry reid in the senate, and nancy pelosi and steny hoyer in the house have cobbled together incomprehensible legislation. it is convoluted and confusing. but one thing is clear -- president obama and the democrats have cut a dirty deal with the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. obama took
effect. a recent study by our national academy of sciences found that here in the united states burning fossil fuels leads to almost 120 billion dollars in health costs a year. most of those costs are premature deaths, and we know that the cost in human lives can be even higher in countries we merging economies that have fewer resources to improve air quality. for all of these reasons, president obama and i understand that we cannot wait any longer to act. president obama has made it clear that he's committed to passing comprehensive energy and climate legislation that will create millions of new jobs and secure clean energy sources that are made in america and work for america. but in the meantime, we're looking for ways that we can start reducing this threat right now. last friday i saw some of you at a white house stakeholder briefing i hosted with lisa jackson, the administrator of our environmental protection agency. at that briefing we talked about many of the steps my department is taking in this area from funding research on the health costs of greenhouse gas emissions to invest
's talk about the president in congratulating happened karzai made it perfectly clear the united states expects a more serious effort to end corruption in his government and he is -- and they are ready to defend itself once the u.s. is out. >> his power base is a series of war lords and their mignons who are paid off through this vast system of patronage and he's tried to balance power that way and it has enabled him to stay in office but it tainted him with this awful, deep-seeded corruption and tainted the united states as well because he's our guy. >> reporter: putting him in office or that's what the taliban says and upsetting the election to the point that abdullah abdullah pull out the taliban says we have won. how does the united states go forward. 40,000 troops, 20,000, 50,000 troops. does the number of troops make a difference between the public in afghanistan sees us as partly responsible for putting this government in. >> i don't think it does. the u.s. strategy from the beginning has been to build a strong, trusted central government, which is not something that afghanistan
telling the president of the united states no, i don't even want olympia snowe, i'd want one republican supporting health care bill? >> the truth is -- i'm going to disagree right now. free enterprise does not work particularly well in health care and i will tell you why. the administration rate -- >> we don't have insurance companies competing across state lines 3 >> that's the worst thing you could do. >> are you kidding me? >> yes. i will explain why this is. in my state, everybody under 18 has health care. you cannot be refused by any insurance company, no matter what the reason is. everybody gets charged the same. you cannot charge a sick patient who is older more than 20% more than you can charge a young, healthy patient. that has been going on for 15 years. if you could let people buy insurance across state lines, you are making the texas health commissioner be my health commissioner. do you know what the insurance rate is in in texas? 25%. 22% of children have no health insurance in texas. i do not want health commissioner in texas to have anything to do with my health insurance
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
is over. it's over. three big revolutions are happening in the united states today. first, we've got a new demography and that revolution is a racial revolution. when the real majority was in full swing, nine out of ten voters in this country where whites. in 2004, that was 77% of the electorate which is one of the reasons i tell my friend mark shields watch that number, it's declining. and of course it declined even more in 2008 to 74%. partly because we have the first african-american run for president in barack obama. but that number was going to decline any way. why? because by 2042, whites are going to be a minority throughout the united states. by 2042, the census bureau a few years ago estimated 2050. they revamped that estimation out to 2042 and as a parent of a 20-year-old i think about what country she is living in. and i see it's already in the schools that she does do. because in our schools, she is a minority, being white. what's going on? immigration is going on. we have more foreign-born living in the state of california today than there are people in new jersey. okay. there
security in the united states. foreign policy is that a zero. these men need to be protected. we may not want to have war, but this has never been declared a war. my ex-husband was a silver star in the marine corps. my fiancee was a captain in the navy. we are allowing this country to look like fools. it has got to stop. military men are trying their best, they need to be protected, we need more troops, and every time there is a news report saying that we are going to make a decision, he is taking too long to make this decision. host: we will have to leave it there. thank you, diane. front page of "the washington post" talks about what is leading up to the speech. "9000 marines beginning final preparations to deploy in southern afghanistan. the marines will be followed by 1000 u.s. army trainers to train the afghan army and police force. the new forces will not start moving until the president lines of both strategies at west point on tuesday. the editors of "the washington post weigh in this morning -- washington post" way in this morning. "if he is going forward to stabilize the co
stronger and more capable of action and turn it into a strong partner for united states. we can build a strong partnership on this basis. first with russia, china and india. for ladies and gentlemen, the world we live in today is both freer and more integrated than ever before. the fall of the berlin wall, the technological revolution and information and communication technology and the rise of china, india and other countries and dynamic economies, all of this has changed the world of the 21st century into something completely different from what we knew in the 20th century, and this is a good thing, for freedom is the very essence of our economy and our society. . man ca e he's free. but what is also clear is that freedom does not stand alone. it is freedom in responsibility and freedom to show and shoulder responsibility. for this the world needs an underlying order. but the near collapse. but the near collapse. financial market has shown when is none, when there is no underpinning order. there is -- if there is one lesson the world has learned from the financial crisis of last yea
road. buffett called the move an all-in bet on the future of the united states. bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: good evening, charlie. what warren buffet calls his bet on america is his largest deal ever made, but the real headline behind the deal is not how much it costs, but what it says about the u.s. economy. right there. >> okay, the hot seat. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview this summer, warren buffett told abc news that when it comes to gauging whether or not the economy is on track, one of his focuses is on railroad tracks. what indicators do you look at on a daily basis? >> i do think things rail car holdings are important. i mean, that tells you what is coming in to this country, going out and so on. >> reporter: at the time, his general outlook was somber. freight shipments had declined by 20% from one year before. today, he provided this statement to abc news. "i have no notion of what the next quarter or next year will bring, but i'm 100% confident in the economic future of the united states 5, 10 and 100 years down the road." >> the railroad system is
that mistake. we think we need to be ready for additional waves here in the united states. >> so the plan is because of the unpredictability, and though somewhat informed by experience that the manufacturing facilities are going to continued to turn out the vaccine, and the country is going to continue to urge people particularly in that 160 million at-risk population to get the vaccine. am i right? >> yes, that is right. we would imagine for the following year that if this strain is persisting, it might be rolled into the vaccine, be new the winter and spring, we feel like ongoing efforts of prevention are important. >> okay. well, i appreciate the testimony. i had a question for you, but since senator collins put you in the limelight, and i have to go vote, dr. garza, but obviously, secretary of homeland security is the incident manager here and i know you staff her and support her in that role, but i hope that you and she together will go back to look at this, and try to draw some lessons from it. so that, so that some of the great things that have been done here don't for some reason
of an existing home in the united states, that's a used home, if you will, is about $173,000 right now. that is down way more than 20% since the peak, but there are a lot of estimates that while home prices will continue to go down over the course of the next year, low-interest rates, low home prices, and this first-time home buyer's credit from the government, if it continues, make this a good time to buy. interest rates right now for a conforming mortgage, one under $417,000 for most of the country, a 30-year mortgage and 20% down, 4.83%. >> ali velshi, thank you. >>> trouble continuing for mark sanford, the governor whose affair with an argentinian lover exploded last year into an international scandal is now facing 37 ethics charges. the civil charges for misuse of campaign money and budget travels carry a maximum of $74,000 in fines. the state attorney general is also weighing whether or not to pursue criminal charges. >>> coming up, toxic danger made in china. homeowners forced to pick their homes or their health. >>> also, getting de-friended on facebook may not be the worst of
into the united states in. >> reporter: technically until this trial that is a possibility but attorney general eric holder said that's not going to happen. he said under u.s. law anyone deemed too dangerous could not be released into the united states so if there is a mistrial, essentially they would be held under the same laws that they are being held now at guantanamo bay. the attorney general has said they will not be released under any circumstances. >> okay. brian, thank you so much, and i want to talk about this a little bit more with the so-called justification defense with our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeff, obviously, this is a legal strategy here. i want you to take a listen to what attorney general eric holder said when he was asked about looking at the possibility of prosecuting these individuals in court in new york. take a listen. >> i certainly think that under the regime that we are contemplating, the potential for detaining people under the laws of war, that ability -- we would retain that ability. >> yes. so in a sheikh mohamed case, we're never going to let him go
that creates more jobs in the united states and in europe, and that we continue to shy away from any protectionist measures that might actually reverse some what these positive trends. so once again, welcome. thank you for your outstanding work, both as prime minister and president, and please communicate -- shepard: do we want to get out? there you go, the president and the swedish president speaking on afghanistan and other matters. let's get to dana lewis. there were a lot of questions about this. we mentioned that the challenger was to have been in a runoff with president karzai, but it was found that there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of allegations of fraud by the united nations, and it was fraud that would have helped president karzai. there were also questions about whether there would have been able to handle security for a runoff election. is there a sense that they may have just dobbs able? >> you know, it is a really important question you are asking, and you are coming right to the point. people would put their lives on the line to vote in that election in aug
of the united states and particularly for their brethren who is have served in the field which is what we just did on veterans day. these are washington's own words that he wrote in his resignation at the end. and finally, does he, god, would most graciously be pleased to dispose us all to do justice, to love mercy and to demean ourselves with charity and humility and specific temper of mind which were the characteristics of the divine author of our blessed religion. that's who he thought was the divine author of our blessed reasonable. and without a noble invitation of whose example in these things we can never hope to be a happy nation and he signed that, honored to be with great respect an esteemed, your excellency's most humble servant, george washington. now that was our first president. the first commander in chief. those were his words, that's what he thought. he thought we had a divine author of our blessed religion. he didn't know what our current president knows, apparently. out here we have a painting right outside, a massive painting, of the constitutional convention. after nearly
it now. let me show you a new poll that just came out about the president of the united states. i find this confounding. it's a public policy poll. it's done by a democratic pollster. here's the number, 52% of republicans nationwide think a.c.o.r.n., the welfare group, stole the election for president obama, versus 27% who think he won it legitimately. your party is so tough on obama that a majority of them told a pollster that a.c.o.r.n. is competent enough as an organization to steal a presidential election and give it to the democrat. what do you view -- is this about a psyche out there that people are mad at the guy and willing to say, yeah, they stole it? even a.c.o.r.n. did it? what's going out there in the minds of people? >> i wouldn't invest a lot of money based on what that poll says. i did see a poll today or had one discussed with me that said the president that 73% of people of the united states find the president likable or think he's a nice person. >> 74%, yeah. >> but 40% agree with him. and i find both of those numbers very realistic. people want our president to succe
that we funded in over $120 affiliates in the united states alone. people who would never had have the opportunity to have care. or screening. you know, we spent over 2.2 trillion every year on health care in the united states. surely we can cover 23 million women. it's a tiny fraction of $2.2 trillion. i'd also like to say that any insurance company that is thinking right now that this report should be used as a way to reduce coverage will be watching very carefully. we'll be watching. so access, clarity, and public trust are critical. but so to is perhaps the center piece of what it is we are having the most trouble with. that's technology. in a strange way, all of the dust up from the past week actually may do some good. maybe it's a call. finally. we know mammography works. but we also know it's imperfect. we do need better screening technology. this technology that we're using today, though it's been improved and regenerated is still almost 50 years ago. what other business or field that we know in the united states around the world would use 50-year-old technology. this is a
since barack obama became the 44th president of the united states. he was inaugurated in january. it's our your views question. richelle carey telling us how you've been weighing in and how the president is doing and what races yesterday might tend to say about that. >> with all those races you were just talking about and with the anniversary of barack obama's election to be president, we couldn't ignore the fact that people want to talk politics. some people want to connect dots why some people say there is no connection or some people say there is a connection between what happened yesterday and how they think president barack obama is doing. we put the question out for your topic. president obama did campaign in new jersey. some people say you can't act like there's not a connection. it's so very clear. so we're kind of making this open ended. we want to know how do you think president obama is doing. do you think that your situation personally is better or worse since he's taken office? do you think he's made promises he hasn't kept? do you think there's a connection between what
that we have more consumers making more intelligent choices on health care in the united states. when was the last time you went into your doctor's office and actually got a written estimate or knew how much something was going to cost? i happen to have practiced veterinary medicine for many years. you walk into my practice, you get a written estimate. we actually have you sign that written estimate because we've got to give that. that's part of our general practice. we need to bring that into human medicine, whether it's hospitals or dors practices -- or doctors' practices. we need to have transparency for cost and quality. now, how does this bill drive up premiums for americans? first of all, there are nine new taxes, nine new taxes put in by the democrat majority. there is a 40% insurance plan tax -- insurance plan tax for what are called the cadillac plans. there is another tax on insurance -- on your insurance companies. there is an employer tax, a drug tax, a lab tax, a medical device tax, failure to buy insurance tax, a cosmetic surgery tax -- brand-new in this bill -- and also
energy initiatives that the united states has taken. there is a $80 billion in the economics. they have a squad devoted specifically to grenoble's. he will make the case to europeans, africans, asians that even in absence of legislation, this spending will produce u.s. emissions that are lower. >> you asked about india and china. what did you hear? >> i think the administration hopes that if they can get india and china to commit to something, and later so progress in copenhagen, it will help them. one of the biggest criticisms there is, and one that resonates, is why do something that will hurt us economically when china and india, out who will produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide, are not doing it? i think the administration, correctly or not, seems to think that it can get china to do things. in the same respect, they also have made clear that the administration is getting ready to make deals in congress. maybe do some more of nuclear. right now they're short in the senate, and almost all republicans saying it can hurt places like ohio and pushed jobs overseas, perhaps to china. so
accused of these type of crimes deserves a trial like you or i might. >> caller: this is the united states. we was afraid one time and 9/11 happened. there's no reason -- yes, there is reasons out there for concern but this is the united states. the world is looking at us for examples. we got troops overseas giving their lives. just like the president said. give us the opportunity to exact our justice on these people. >> john, thank you for your phone call. i appreciate it. got an e-mail from kathy in michigan. this is what they said. that's a good discussion back and forth there. heidi says -- great discussion going on. we want to continue to talk about this. what do you think about the 9/11 suspects being tried in new york specifically in civilian courts? do you think this is the right path or not the right thing to do? e-mail us at you can also pick up the phone and call and chat like we did there. you can text us at hlntv. >>> the fbi says a mom came up with a desperate solution to money problems. >>> check this out. a mansion up in flames outside of phoenix. the fire brok
outside change in the attitudes of the west, western europe as well as the united states. >> helmut schmidt, not as a chancellor of germany and a former minister of defense, but as a german, how have you reacted to the events of these last days? >> well, it was a great joy. i might tell you that i was in the area for two days just at the eve of these events and i felt a great joy in my heart and i think most germans did. >> as the wall falls, one journalist broadcasts live from the scene of this world changing event. nbc's own tom brokaw. >> the western german police have moved in here suggesting they move back saying that the situation is already complicated enough, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. the people are here to celebrate freedom. >> and we go live now to tom at that very same spot where he stood 20 years ago. tom, it is very good to see you. talk a little bit about the spontaneity of that night. >> reporter: well, the events just unfolded completely beyond our control. i had come here two days earlier to report on the turmoil in the eastern side not having any
one colombian field general from this group. this is good for the united states. two signed an agreement just recently. anything that can bring the two cultures together will be a good move. one woman told me pushups were the hardest. corey pavin scored, the men have to do 68 pushups. the women have to do 48. that is tough for anyone in two minutes' time. juliet: why the change? >> i think part of the reason is they feel they are behind the times here in columbia. other nations already have women. just a few years ago, there were fewer than 25 women in the entire colombian military. they feel it is time to move into the 21st century and bring women into the military forces alongside men. juliet: how are their fellow soldiers feeling? >> i think that would be the toughest part. one woman said it was bliley. she said it was not the pushups. she said it was the men. juliet: they can take a look at believed strongly in casting a vote. abdallah i'm tellin decided he did not want to put his people through that again. by the way, this also serves as interest because parliamentary e
, that we should bring the prisoners back to a military prison in the united states. they should be tried by military commission and every case to be appealed to the federal civilian system. i believe in transparency, to tell the world that no one is being held without to process, that every detainee will have their day in federal court, but we have to realize we are at war and balance the rights for the detainee against the national security interests of this country. trace: senator graham is a pretty blond guy when it comes to this criticism. >> he says it helps al qaeda recruit and has tremendous propaganda value, but some or all of the 9/11 conspirators may end up in federal court. the senator is taking a stand. >> let me just say, the president, quite frankly, has screwed this up. he announced on the first day of his being inaugurated he is going to close guantanamo bay, and he did not do the hard stuff, and i have been talking with him for months. most americans are worried about what you do with these people. >> the senator says he has yet to see a comprehensive plan from the admin
religion. germany has more muslims than lebanon and twice as many mosques as the united states. young muslims here describe themselves as more religious than their parents in a country where few christians go to church. berlin is sometimes called the atheist capital of europe. but while religious freedom is shrined in the german constitution, public schools are required to offer christian religious instruction. leaders of muslim organizations are now demanding islamic religious instruction, as well, and tensions are growing. >> the number of people that don't want to live together with muslims, that don't want to have a mosque in their neighborhood, this number is rising. >> reporter: according to public opinion polls, the vast majority of germans associate islam with violence and terrorism, and they resent what they see as too many muslims sponging off the german welfare system. but the country's strong social safety net may be one reason why germany has not seen the kind of violence that scorched muslim neighborhoods in france a few years ago. young muslims there took to the streets
want comes as north korea is trying yet again to pressure the united states to accept its demand for direct talks. >>> back at home, another major economic relief bill could soon be president obama's desk. it's packed with tax credits for home buyer, and welcome relief for the nation's unemployed. whit squon son is in washington with details. >> reporter: good morning. well, the white house says that the economy is recovering, but americans continue it lose jobs and critics argue the federal government should focus on paying down debt instead of funding new programs. millions of americans could see their jobless benefits extended through the holiday season. the senate is expected to vote on a bill this week that would keep the funds going for several more weeks. and expand a tax credit for first time home buyers, all but two republicans helped the measure move forward monday. it provides up to 14 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to people who need it, and in states where the unemployment rate is 8.5% or higher, the unemployed would get 20 weeks, an $8,000 tax credit for
walk in. i >>> we're looking at a live picture of the united states capitol on a friday morning. a beautiful friday. chilly, though. 43 degrees here in washington. good morning and welcome. i'm barbara harrison. >> glad to have you with us this friday. i'm craig melvin in for joe krebs. we want to start things off as we always do, weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. happy friday, tom. >> same to you. welcome, craig. good to have you with us this rning. as we start off this morning we have the big old moon up in the western sky now, and the temperatures are not quite as cold as they were yesterday morning. we've had the winds up a bit so that's kept the atmosphere well stirred. so have not allowed the temperatures to drop below freezing. upper 30s to near 40 all around the region. we've got a mostly clear sky this morning. a few clouds across central virginia. we'll have sunshine this morning and a few clouds midday. highs only the low 50s today. we'll take a look at the weekend coming right outer loop. stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. >> let's take a look at the area roads.
. if she wants to be elected president of the united states, not head of the republican party, she needs to broaden her coalition. the problem with that -- >> this country bet on it before and they might do it again. thank you ron. thank you chris. join us tomorrow night at 5:00 eastern for more "hardball." "countdown" starts now. bltsds bltsds >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the plan to sink joe lieberman. could his vote be replaced with snowe or collins? why can't lieberman remember why he's opposed to the public option? he's given six different answers in six months. >> all we are asking is let the senate consider these issues one by one. if joe lieberman carries the day, so be it. if he doesn't, she shouldn't stop everyone from voting on it. our special guest, congressman allen grayson. the president and afghanistan. the decision looms with an exit strategy attached. >> it's my intention to finish the job. >> the intention of the shameless chicken hawk criticizing from a secure undisclosed location. >> i worry there's a lack of understanding there, what
challenge and developing nations of the asian pacific. to meet these common challenges, the united states looks to strengthen old alliances and build new partnerships with the nations of this region. >> president obama met with the japanese emperor. in singapore, he's expected to talk to russia's president about replacing the nuclear agreement which is expiring next month. >>> increased fighting in afghanistan is hurting morale among u.s. soldiers there. in contrast, two battlefield surveys found morale is up among soldiers in iraq because combat there is decreasing. the surveys indicate suicide have jumped across the board. the army says it is working to get more mental health workers to help soldiers cope with the depression. president obama plans to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> police arrested a sixth member of a missouri family accused of sexually abusing kids for years. derek mohler was found in florida where he lives. his brother and and others were arrested tuesday. six alleged victims who are now adults told investigators the suspects sexually abused them when they were ch
the country. they found the united states came in 19th but other countries that have much lower costs and have universal coverage, for example france and japan are ranked one in two with much lower costs and universal coverage they are getting better results. and some don't even want to debate going to healthcare? i mean, they are going to have a tall order to explain why they don't even want to discuss it. on infant mortality the united states ranked 22nd again according to the commonwealth fund. again, countries with universal coverage, much lower cost than we do ranked number one. france was number five, germany was number nine and from my earlier chart he will remember each of those countries has universal coverage, and much lower cost than we do and did they are getting on these metrics better outcomes than we are. and it doesn't stop there. here's life expectancy. the united states ranked 24th. this is according to the international keeper. and again, japan, switzerland, france, universal coverage much lower cost, still ranked much higher than we did on that metric. japan, universal cove
in the united states and let every one of those inmates out. secondly, we don't have kidnapping for ransom in the united states. it was mentioned by the husband in this that it sounded like a bad movie plot. well, it is a very bad movie plot. notwithstanding hollywood, these things don't happen. the last time there was a fake ransom like that was in the jonbenet case, another long, rambling note which we know was fake because the little girl was dead in her -- in the basement. now, the real concern here, though, for people in my understand is the whole idea of faking kidnappings. what that does is it creates cry wolf scenarios so that the next time something like that happens there's a cynicism on the part of the public, or very well could be a cynicism on the part of the public about whether or not -- >> i agree. >> -- that kidnapping is an actual kidnapping or not. not to mention the resources that are taken away from legitimate situations. >> back to the lawyers. eleanor odom, peter odom, tamara holder. peter odom, what about her telling the cops? and this is obviously a voluntary state
it is friday. have a good one. >>> the worst mass killing ever on an army baes in the united states. at least 13 people dead at ft. hood, texas. 30 more are wounded, including the alleged shooter, an army psychiatrist. >> the major who did it kept loading clip after clip pretty much and just was pretty relentless. >> today is a day of mourning as sold yersz and their loved ones grieve and wonder how this could have happened here. >> this enemy was within. and that's what makes it so hard. >> we're in ft. hood, texas with the latest on the heros who spopded to the shooting spree, the victims who were killed and wounded are and the map authorities say is responsible for the murderous ram passenger. early this friday morning for the murderous ram passenger. early this friday morning november 6th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. we are live at ft. hood, texas, the scene of had this terrible, terrible tragedy. maggie is off today. debbye turner bell is with us in nouk. good morning. >> good morning. it is such a tragedy and so unexpected. especially on an army base. pres
in eight years. the question will be how will the president of the united states respond to it. >> it seems to continue escalating today. great perspective. thank you very much. >> thanks. >>> people across the country heading home today after spending the thanksgiving holiday away. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to tell us if that is going to throw any kinks in their plans. hi, rick. >>> a lucky weekend. a lot to be thankful for. the east coast looking good. the line of storms cutting through the michigan area down throughout the center part of the country. no major rain from this. a light storm. it will be a bigger system at least a little more rain tomorrow as it moves in across the eastern seaboard. if tomorrow is your travel back time you will see some delays probably from boston through the mid atlantic. the bigger story is across parts of the southwest. upper level disturbance around arizona and california bringing cooler weather, some rain and some mountain snow. some of this is going to be significant, especially in towards new mexico, both today and tomorrow the snow
views against the united states, against our wars in iraq and afghanistan, those are not true, those are not conclusion that is should be drawn? >> as i said, that's anek total information. >> did he express concerns, you say you don't think signs were missed, he wanted to be discharged from the army, he had a poor evaluation from waller reed. as a psychiatrist, there are too few of those, he was not let out. >> all those things could add up to a conclusion by the investigators that we should have seen something. now, i will tell you that we will take a hard look at our ourselves as an army because we want to make suring in like this ever happens again and it is our ethose to ask ourselves the hard questions and adapt based on that. but it is just too early right now, david. >> let me ask you how the military is handling the mounting toll on our troops of multiple deployments, combat deployments and what the psychological toll is. bob herbert in "the new york times" put it this way. he also pointed out that the secretary of defense talked about the stigma of the psychological problem
. it is an act of terror but an act of war. al qaeda declared war against the united states in 1996. bill: this guy isn't al qaeda. >> he talks about, we don't know all the evidence. there's a whole array of evidence. this guy had contacts with a tough al qaeda guy in yemen. bill: it doesn't make him al qaeda. >> but, let's face it, he is a jihaddy. bill: i do agree. >> point blank, that is -- bill: you say this is a continuation of the war, all right. in american soil. it's part of the 9/11 axis, it's just an extension of that. more americans killed in this country. >> right. and by the president and the rest of his administration, including the attorney general, eric holder, they keep referring to this as a crime. and in general, a crime. this is catapulting the united states back to a pre-9 mindset where we treated these kinds of acts, acts of international terrorism, the jihad, as criminal justice problems. bill: what do you say to that? >> i the -- i think -- you're using a national tragedy to find an excuse to attack a president who did, i think, most things correctly here and you w
was the legal procedure in ace, and the united states has to usits levera to get it right. >> warr: and do you think the u.s. s enough leverage to make prident karzai do what you think he doe't have the political will to do? >> i wil not be able to judge it from my position. but e answer is that without pressg for reform can we all succeedn this sort of sittion, the answer is no. >> warner: a you'll be pressing f reform from the tside? >> i will, i will. >> wner: an aide to you described this as hang been a very painful d emotional time. >> oh, i think certnly, i exercise with all its up an downs, ups and wns and with a lot of disappointments in between, but i think thpeople of afanistan have learned something about it. they've gone through sothing and i thini will have the pport of the people in the pursuit of those ide. >> warner: doctor abdullah thank you. >> you're welcome. >> lehrer: nextonight ... those tv talks... and eir impact on how the rest of us "talk" politic jeffrey bwn reports. >> ift wasn't for fox or talk radio, we'd be ne as a republic. >> repter: in a multi-media world ofalk
of jaycee lee dugard 18 years after she vanished in the united states. >> we've got to believe madeline's still alive. we would be doing madeline a disservice if we didn't believe that. and that applies to other ssing children. and i think the key thing is the jaycee lee dugard story, where people give up. we should never give up on madeline >> reporter: the film also includes two new images depicting how madeline may look today. one with tanned skin and darker hair. even after nearly two and a half years the police still don't know whether madeline mccann was taken by human traffickers or abducted by a lone kidnapper or disappeared in some other way. that's why this campaign is designed to bypass all the theories and the guesswork and target someone who does know. someone who knows her abductor. someone who may decide that it's time tdo the right thing. ben ando, bbc news, central london. >> earlier in that piece you saw him video with a couple of young children. they were 2 at the time, 4 now. they're starting to ask questions. the parents say they're more forthcoming than they are, t
in the coming year. brian: the president of the united states did not watch the results. his kids and his wife went to see miley cyrus. did he not see the results come in. he said he was not that concerned about it. first, here's major garrett on what the president was doing. >> the rhapsody of the moment couldn't last. election night, even one as historic as barack obama's fade. and everyone knew the inauguration glow would fall prey to the recession, two wars and bailouts, costing the president popularity points along the way. according to gallup, the gap between the president's approval and disapproval narrowed steadily, fall from a spread of 56 points on inauguration day to 17 in late october. still his approval rating remains at 53%. >> the good news for barack obama is that people like him. his brand, if you like, has not been overly diminished. >> but on key aspects of presidential power, mr. obama has lost ground. a democratic pollster who worked for the clinton white house sees signs for concern. >> his ratings on leadership, decisiveness, getting things done are declining marketedly.
for committing crime, then we'd have to open the doors of every prison in the united states and let every one of those inmates out. secondly, we don't have kidnapping for ransom in the united states. it was mentioned by the husband in this that it sounded like a bad movie plot. well, it is a very bad movie plot. notwithstanding hollywood, these things don't happen. the last time there was a fake ransom like that was in the jonbenet case, another long, rambling note which we know was fake because the little girl was dead in her -- in the basement. now, the real concern here, though, for people in my industry is the whole idea of faking kidnappings. what that does is it creates cry wolf scenarios so that the next time something like that happens there's a cynicism on the part of the public, or very well could be a cynicism on the part of the public about whether or not -- >> i agree. >> -- that kidnapping is an actual kidnapping or not. not to mention the resources that are taken away from legitimate situations. >> back to the lawyers. eleanor odom, peter odom, tamara holder. peter odom, what a
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is the legal limit on the united states government's ability to borrow. that means that the congress has to pass an increase in the debt ceiling, and they have to do that in the middle of the health care debate in the united states senate. >> that is so hard politically. lawrence, you've called it correctly all along. going back to this summer when you said august is going to be a tough month. at the same time, democrats are saying, we're going to get to tell our story in august. get us updated. where are we right now? >> you know why i've been able to do that? we've seen it all before. there has been this weird democratic party chorus of never before, never before have we gotten this far. >> you were there. >> except in 1994, where we got -- in fact, this bill went to the senate floor in 1994 by unanimous consent. this drama you saw on saturday wasn't even part of the story in 1994. the clinton bill went to the senate floor with much more strength and momentum than this bill is seeing right now. >> so why? >> interesting. >> and by the way, even though it landed on the floor with more s
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